22 October, 2012

It's Time

2007 Muyechun 007

Pikachu, I choose you.


shah8 said...

Hopefully a nibble from one of those Banian '04s you got there on the bottom...

Kate said...

I'm excited to see the review!

Also, that's gorgeous picture.

nff said...

mmmm wonder what a rough estimate of value in that picture would be.

aluoben said...

Dear Hobbes,

Could you reccomend me few reasonable taobao puer vendors? I am now in Xi'an, but it is hard to get good puer in reasonable price here. And there are actually no teas older than 2005. I will be staying for almost a year here so I will need some good pu sources ;]

Best regards,

Hobbes said...

Dear Aluoben,

Taobao purchasing is generally safe; look for a large number of successful transactions and satisfied customers. As a result, I do not proclaim fealty to any particular set of vendors - I just go for the cakes that I like. If you scroll down the "Tasting Notes" page of this humble blog, you'll see various Taobao vendors listed, all of whom have been safe.

Let us know how you get on!