26 December, 2012

Seasonal Produce

Flower Stein

seasonal produce
tetsubin iron
snoring baby

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Hobbes said...

Tea sessions in the weeks after the birth of Xiaolong were few and far between. I think that the haiku in this article came from a session that I contrived before heading to a late morning meeting - making time is an art-form.

In those stolen moments at the tea-table, I was struck by the gentle sounds of the iron tetsubin, slowly plinking and tinkling its way to boiling, on the hot-plate next to me. The house was silent, except for that sound, melding with the background rumble of our newborn's rather excellent snoring. Baby snores are something to behold. When people refer to "sleeping like a baby", this is what they mean.

The seasonal produce is, of course, both the charming pu'ercha that I was brewing, but also the young snoring fellow himself - puns are very definitely "allowed" in haiku if, like me, you take Issa and Basho as your canon.

The haiga is completed by a rather picturesque shot of which I am ungainfully proud, it being the seasonal creation of our garden from a previous year, framed in a pretty pewter tankard that echoes the iron of the tetsubin from the poem. The link is my dear wife's hand, belonging to that lady that brought both flowers and snoring baby into the world...