13 March, 2013

Closing the Lid


closing the lid
the teapot puffs a cloud
of Yiwushan

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Hobbes said...

This is my old buddy, Zidu. [Zer-doo, Purple Belly]

He has been churning out the infusions for some years now, and is the pot that I use more than 95% of my time at the tea-table. When I started out, I had many pots. Now, there are very few. I like to reduce.

Perhaps you can imagine the moment that led to this haiku: I popped Zidu's lid down, as I have done countless times before... but this time, he let out a little puff of steam from his stubby little spout. That tiny puff carried the fresh sweetness of Yiwushan, transplanted many thousands of miles, but now present in the belly of my old friend.

This haiga breaks all the rules! It illustrates the haiku, rather than building on it in a new manner. However, I could resist a little camera-time for my dear friend. He has never looked better.