26 June, 2013

Frog and I

Xiaohu Tyrannosaurus Rex photo GreenDinosaur.jpg

frog and I
to eyeball


Hobbes said...

I imagine old Issa, wrapped in his robes, stooping to examine the frog, only to realise that it is a two-way investigation. Perhaps as much senryu as it is haiku, this always makes me feel warm.

Such moments of realisation may also be experienced with the eyeballs of our house's own resident green-skin, to which I have become entirely accustomed to having it thrust into my face for a similar inspection - there, though, I feel it is the tyrannosaurus that is performing the inspection, and I am merely the subject...



speakfreely said...

Guess timing is everything! I don’t write you that often, but I seem to have lucked out, to be included in this tea-tasting event. Merci Beaucoup. The first package arrived yesterday. Given its return address, KunMingShi, Yunnan, I am guessing this is the one from Yunnan Sourcing, even though I don’t recognize the name of the sender, one Hongyao Wang. Eight shiny mylar packages, labled with Greek characters. Looking forward to exploring the contents.

speakfreely said...

Ooops. Meant to post this comment on the following post. So I just did. You can delete it here, if that suits.