11 June, 2014

Half-Chinese Boy

half-Chinese boy
in the old English garden
digging for worms


Hobbes said...

No matter the nationality or genetic heritage of the little boy; no matter the age of my grandfather's 500-year-old garden: put the two together, and there will be hunting for worms. Big, juicy worms, living in deliciously dirty soil. In this regard, my youngest son, Xiaolong, is entirely alike all those generations of English children, including myself, who dug for worms in the very same place.

The image that makes the haiku is one of my favourite portraits of Xiaolong because it reveals, as a good portrait should, some of the personality of its subject. This photograph tells us much about my youngest son, I think.



Mighty Tea Monster said...

I have a few good worm hunting memories myself.. Must be something to it.