20 August, 2014

The Tired Father

the tired father
trying to sleep in a field
full of grasshoppers


shah8 said...

Ant stutters to stop
What a mountaintop noses are!
Wrong turn from hands and crumbs

Hobbes said...

I like nothing more than reading readers' haiku - thank you, Shah! It is a charming one indeed.

The haiku in the article is a personal one, and you might take a guess at the identity of the tired father that it describes.

That tired father found himself going for a walk one afternoon, in a wilderness that exists a short walk away from the medical campus in which his laboratory is based. The beating warmth of the sun, the comforting promise of solace in the shade of a bush - it was all too tempting after being awake most of the night with two young boys.

How difficult that sleep, when grasshoppers are in full voice! It was, at least, a pleasant rest, if not a pleasant sleep.

The image that makes the haiga is of the seasonal arrangements that my dear wife makes for me - this is lavender from our garden, placing the haiku in time as does the season word "grasshoppers".