20 January, 2017

Everybody Darths, Sometime

I've heard people talk about me, when they think I'm not nearby. "He's more machine now, than man", they'll say, with a wistful tone and a distant gaze.

You may fire up the kettle when ready, commander.

Is it because of my Sith chamber, pictured above?

Perhaps my favoured drinking spot could be considered to be a little austere, but I think that it's a comfortable place to take my tea - and I like the controlled humidity, which makes an excellent environment for aging a few tong of one's favourite cakes.  Every now and again, someone approaches while I'm in the middle of a particularly tricky brew, but they don't tend to come back too willingly after a force-choke or two.

Plus, it's far easier to brew tea in a Sith chamber than it is in my bacta tank, in my lava castle on Mustafar.  (Very low humidity, bad for storage.)

Padme and the Younglings

If ever there were a tea-provider who feels the full power of the Force in every brew, it must surely be EoT.

If you read the small print on the web-site, you'll see claims about how their products surround us and penetrate us, and how they bind the galaxy together.  I've also noticed that their teas are tested for midichlorian counts.

You were supposed to bring balance to the shengpu, not destroy it!

The Wuliang-B is, as you might expect, rambunctious.

I don't know if EoT has a "house style", but this must be getting pretty close to it: the compact nature of the sweetness reminds me of a tight formation of TIE fighters, while the pleasantly rough finish leaves me with a raspy throat, as if voiced (for example) by James Earl Jones.

Good tea sessions are built on hope

Even before I heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, I've always been a big fan of Wuliang teas.  This intersection of a favourite zone with a favourite supplier makes for an interesting combination, a little like asking a famous actor from the Hammer horror genre to play the Regional Governor of the Outer Rim.

As expected, this Wuliang-B disappeared from our long-range scanners some time ago, and is no longer available for purchase.  I therefore anticipate hiring my usual crew of bounty hunters to track some down.

At least IG-88's fees are lower than those of Taobaonow.


Albin Upp said...

This recent surge of activity (surely three posts in less than a month qualifies as such) is most welcome.
I was starting to worry that you had undipped both halves. Glad to know that is not the case.

By the way, please don't destroy Endor. Its moon is excellent for traditional storage.

Best regards,

Curigane said...

to be honest, I'm always eager to read your posts about tea. Surprisingly today is not the case. I know this is not the best place but since we talked a bit about brexit I would definitely like to hear your thoughts about what is going on in the uk today.


Hobbes said...

Dear Curigane,

With the Geographer-in-Chief* now looking as if she'll be out before too long, we remain hopeful for a somewhat-less-hard Brexit. I've yet to meet anyone, from any political affiliation, who thinks highly of "Mother" Theresa - the recent general election was widely (and correctly) concluded to be a dreadful display from some seriously undertalented politicians.



*She obtained a poor grade (a "second class" degree) in a poor subject (geography, which was something of a joke subject in our university until about ten years ago) in a poor college (St. Hugh's - the first of my nine colleges, and so I feel qualified to judge).

Can't we have someone who obtained a good grade (i.e., a "first class" degree) in a good subject (e.g., PPE) from a good college (e.g., Brasenose)? Muahaha.