13 April, 2009

2007 Xizihao "Jinggu Nu'ercha"

With every fibre of my being, I will this tea to be better than the 2007 Dingji Nu'ercha.

2007 Xizihao Nuercha

This is an autumnal tea. The leaves (pictured above) woo me already, and soothe my damaged trust. They are lovely indeed, large and furry. I have been put off Xizihao due to the enormous disconnect between quality and vendor pricing, but this tea tempts me back in. The aroma of the leaves is sweet and pure. Clean.

2007 Xizihao Nuercha

Believable yellow soup, with a sweet and complex flavour - some red, processed notes, little bitterness, but a cooling and decent sensation throughout. It is so very sweet, a rich, low sweetness that started in the wenxiangbei [aroma cup] and carried through into the flavour. It is worthy of the term nu'ercha, being so sweet and gentle.

2007 Xizihao Nuercha

This is a skillful blend of good green leaves, for potency and character, with a larger portion of sweet, red leaves. Pictured above, we can see the contrast between the pure green leaves, and the brown/red "wulong'd" leaves.

Interestingly, the two components to this cake don't live in perfect harmony: the green leaves lend a certain sourness in the finish that rapidly declines in later infusions. This is currently priced at just under $80 for a large 450g cake. We each make our own estimations of value, but this feels more like a $30 cake (normalised to Western pricing) than anything above $50. The wrapper is pretty, though! Lots of pretty little flowers...


(Notes added to 2007 Yibang Chamasi "Gedebaohao" and 2008 Nadachayuan "Cha Chan Yi Wei".)


Zero the Hero said...

Hi Hobbes,

I have to admit, I felt a little ashamed of myself after reading your first Nu Er Cha review, but then I read a little more carefully and realized exactly WHICH Nu Er Cha you were throwing under the bus (i.e. not this Jing Gu, the one I liked)! Delicate and sweet enough to thoroughly enjoy now, but it actually seems like it might change a little with aging. I could have gone for a bit more "tea" taste though, which I imagine has something to do with aging potential. This was my least favorite of the 2007 premium autumn series--I liked the Xi Shang Mei Shao the most; its flavor had some fruity/floral notes unlike any I've ever tasted in any other teas before. The price increase does get a bit steeper though!

I'm most interested in knowing how you keep reviewing the pu-erhs I've been drinking lately! Hm..

My best regards,

Hobbes said...

Dear Zero,

I liked the Xishang Meishao too, as far as I can remember. Good Xizihao of the original variety!

My tastings are just random walks through my available samples and teas - there is no method to my madness... :)