12 March, 2011

2006 Douji "Demingxuan"

I wrote previously on the 2010 version of this special production from Douji, and owe Jerry of China Chadao a sincere debt of thanks for trying so hard to get me 14g of Douji's last 70g of this older version.

(The name is pronounced der-ming-shoo'an, more or less, and refers to Douji's first teashop, in Yiwu.)

2006 Douji Demingxuan

The 2010 version was clean and enjoyable, with detectable hints of Douji's creamy, roasted house style in the background.  This 2006 version is heavier, and darker.  Even 2006 cakes are five years old, now!  Such is the rapid passage of time.  The scent is sweet and heavy in my aroma cup.

2006 Douji Demingxuan

It tastes old, as if it has become a sharp, woody, semi-aged cake already.  It is entirely lovely, with plenty of sweetness in its heavy, brooding body, that is absent any plantation nastiness.

2006 Douji Demingxuan

It is very enjoyable, in its sweet, woody presentation.  It has vibrancy and life in the body, and has not been processed into a zombie-like state of undeath.  A charming example of Guafengzhai leaves - thanks again to Jerry for the opportunity to try this rarity.  

2006 Douji Demingxuan


Anonymous said...

lovely igo bowl :)


Hobbes said...

Thank you, Matej. It (and its twin) came from the charming Qingyang Gong [Green Ram Daoist Temple] in Chengdu, Sichuan. I suppose that makes them weiqi bowls. ;)

The temple is enormous, and has a very large "tea garden", which seems to be crammed with people drinking the local green tea (Zhuyeqing, Bamboo Leaf Green) from opening hours to closing time. They drink it in the Sichuan style: brewed in and sipped from quite large gaiwan. Assistants come around with a huge brass kettle to top you up as you wish.

I had some good times there with Lei, surrounded by the dozens of sparrows that share the tea garden with the local drinkers.