02 January, 2013

Baby Monitor

Xiaohu Sofa

baby monitor -
baby cries for milk
mother for soup

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Hobbes said...

We have a baby monitor installed in our bedroom, which is where Xiaolong sleeps in his cot (next to our bed, for ease of night-time feeding). I carry the walkie-talkie "parent" end of the baby monitor around, so that I can keep an ear on the bedroom.

I don't know if you're familiar with Chinese customs concerning the mother during the post-natal period, but they're odd. Lei was confined to the upstairs of the house for the first three-to-four weeks by Chinese Mama (who gave her inviolable instructions via telephone, from China). Lei was not to step on cold floors, nor drink cold fluids, and had a long list of prescribed and proscribed foodstuffs. Requirements for food were communicated via baby monitor, which sat with me at the tea-table, its green light blinking - to start flashing when baby or mother began a request. I became rather good at making certain Chinese soups...

The image that completes this haiga is from my equally demanding older son, Xiaohu, who has recently discovered that he likes to sit in his "car" (pictured), and for Daddy to read him nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss books. Requests for "biccies" come from a hand outstretched, which you can just make out on the right-hand side of the image, between the cracks in the "car" door.

The Christmas break was a lovely time, and now, back at work, I find myself missing my dear family. I hope that you enjoyed your own break, too, Gentle Reader.