09 January, 2013


Snow Shoots

from the quiet lake
rugby posts

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Hobbes said...

"Global warming" does not merely refer to the heating of the planet (by man-made means or otherwise), but also refers to more extreme weather patterns. Of the ten wettest (and most flood-prone) years on record for England, the large majority have been in the past decade. This year was the second wettest on record - and much of the country suffered as a result.

My city is used to flooding, as it has done regularly for centuries, and so we cope: we have dedicated flood-plains, which are intended to flood, and we have all of our libraries on the upper floors of the colleges.

The result can still be very pretty. I was admiring a lovely, still, quiet lake a few months ago, which stretched out as far as I could see in all directions. Every now and again: a rugby post. The only sign that this was once a playing field.

The haiga image is good fun, being a precipitation from our garden, with a different structure growing through it...