03 April, 2013

Childhood Puppy


childhood puppy
runs ahead, ears flapping
...morning dreams


Hobbes said...

...and what a charming morning dream that was. Those warm, gentle moments before waking, sometimes fruitful ground for pleasant dreams such as this one. My childhood friend, a mongrel collie-corgi (!) cross-breed, eternally friendly, eternally energetic, barking happily at me as she ran ahead of me.

Re-reading this old haiku, I am taken back to that exact moment in which I enjoyed the memory of my dear friend... and to the tinge of disappointment on waking, realising that it was a dream.

I like to think that she is out there, in the Happy Hunting Grounds, engaged in the eternal pursuit of otherworldly squirrels, which she can, as always, never catch.

The ellipsis in the haiku precisely catches that moment of realisation of the dream. It is a personal example of the space between the words carrying as much significance as the words themselves.

I never tire of the magic of haiku.



Hobbes said...

P.s. I was rather playful in choosing this more recent photograph taken at the zoo, in which Xiaohu and I were fascinated by the lizards. They have the same noble bearing, combined with rather comic appearance, of my dear childhood puppy. I bet they run about the same speed.