04 September, 2013

Senior Prof

senior prof
at the back of the theatre
just a bit too short

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Hobbes said...

Earlier this year, I was at a conference in Paris, sitting in the back row during a talk. In the row in front of me sat one of (perhaps the) most famous professor in the field of machine learning. Mentioning no names, he is also not the tallest person on Earth. I stifled my chuckles as the professor spent the entirety of the talk jiggling and bobbing hyperactively, attempting to see past the big Gaul blocking his view in the row ahead. Constant motion, constant optimism. He never gave up.

The image that makes the haiga is a shot of my teaching room in college, after a revision class in which I took all nine students at once, rather than the usual small groups. I loved the abandoned documents, my students having run downstairs to the JCR for a quick game of table football, cramming as much as they could into the ten minutes duration of the break. Such constant optimism. Highly infectious.