08 November, 2013

Progress Bar: 6FTM and Shuangjiang Mengku

I often get asked for recommendations...

At the risk of being fatuous, I recommend going back to 2006 and buying this cake for £9. It's great: humble, strong, and aging well.

While on the subject of cakes that taste as if they have been aged in Singapore...

...the 2004 Shuangjiang Mengku "Daxueshan" is just that, and a gracious gift from ST, when he visited me with his family during the summer. Thanks again both for the visit and for the delightful cake.


hster said...

Dear Hobbes,

I have the 2005 version of the 6 FTM Banzhang drying away. Now that you have endorsed it, maybe someone will take it off my hands.

(My records show 180 yuan for 6FTM combo tong- each of the FTMs + a spring blend. The Yiwu version for it's humble $4 pricetag is not so bad.)


Hobbes said...

What an amazing bargain. :)