20 January, 2014

Running Out of Tea

In all my days drinking pu'ercha, I have never, ever finished a cake.  Not one.  This is deliberate: I cannot bear to be out of a particular cake.  The notion of "running out" terrifies me.  This may explain some of my tea-purchasing habits, in which I buy enough such that if I drink some then it makes no difference to the overall quantity.

It is a form of psychosis, I am entirely certain.

For me to finish a cake, then, is something of significance.  The happy event came recently, in my lab, when I had the final portion of the entirely delicious, and extraordinarily inexpensive, 2006 Tiandiren "Bulang".  I bought this for $11 (eleven US dollars) from white2tea.

I feel... strangely different, after finishing a cake.  It is as if an important mental obstacle has finally been overcome.  It is a feeling with which I am absolutely unfamiliar... but I like it.

Now, what do I do with the wrapper?


Michel said...

What do I do with the wrapper?

Keep it to Make a shoji screen collecting all the otherwrappers from the other cakes you have never finished.

Scott Wilson said...

Hi Hobbes,

I am curious... what's the pressing date on the wrapper for that cake? Hand stamped or printed on the wrapper?

- Scott

Nick Herman said...

That's incredible. I'd say my approach is almost exactly the opposite, as there's few cakes I've bought, and keeping to a not large budget+preferring to buy 1 higher quality cake over 2 or 3 lesser ones means that my cake consumption approaches a zen like quality--that which I savor, appreciate, enjoy while it exists..because I know that soon enough, it will just be a memory, and all traces of it will vanish.

Hobbes said...

My wrapper, perhaps unsurprisingly, is now being used to wrap other cakes. :)

I'm not sure if it's stamped or not, Scott - I think it was hand-stamped, with little red numerals, in the usual manner.

I appreciate the Zen aesthetic, generally, but cannot avoid hording tea!



Mighty Tea Monster said...

I think you should finish another one..would you keep a library of books and never finish reading any of them?

Hobbes said...

A book is always available after consumption!

Mighty Tea Monster said...

lol good point..

You could always move to a drier climate like here in Colorado USA where you must finish your bricks before they mummify.. that always motivates me...

Been thinking of building a giant humidor..

hster said...

Dear Hobbes,

I for one am completely flabberghasted that you have finished this particular Bulang. Your vast collection houses better tea which will take you multiple lifetimes to work out. Why this beeng?


Hobbes said...

Why this cake? Like climbing Everest, because the challenge is there!

Plus, it's a cheap-but-cheerful cake that I enjoy regularly in my lab. :)