22 January, 2014

The More I Push

the more I push
the swing the more the clouds
look like dragons


Hobbes said...

My eldest son sees dragons everywhere; after each successive swing on his garden swing, I begin to see them, too, as he points them out to me.

The image is from Portsmouth, a naval city in England with a fascinating tower near the main military port. If there are dragons in the clouds near Portsmouth, they are keeping themselves at a safe distance.



Hobbes said...

I also rather like the change in meter, breaking the first line into two, which reminds me of the action of pushing... the swing and then doing... something else with this... manner of rhythm.

Mighty Tea Monster said...

I have to admit this poem caught my attention more than most.. Keep at it! I think the break in rhythm also adds a pause and a back step where the mind has a chance to breathe and flood with mental imagary and emotion. Isn't life all about? Its a good one.

Sippin' on some Pu Erh said...

Without the explanation I thought you had a bit too much pesticide laced pu erh :P