09 May, 2014

Cleaning House

I have been drinking some old samples, and tidying away a few loose ends.  In each case, please see the main article for further details by clicking on the link (and where new notes have been appended in each case).

2009 Changtai "Zhenpin Banzhang": this was, initially, a basic tea, and where five years on our shelves has brought it on well - even from a humble start - which is encouraging.

2003 Menghai "Yiya Yuancha": this is a monster-box tea, kindly provided by a visiting friend of ST, from Singapore.  It started out as a silver-bud tea, but has, unexpectedly, developed a thick sweetness as of "real tea", as if the silver buds are being outpaced by the standard, basis leaves included in the blend.

2009 Xizihao "Pasha Laozhai": while it starts out strong and uncompromising, it rapidly becomes unentertaining and rather tedious.  Its qualities are not long-lived.

1998 Menghai "Yesheng Qiaomu": this used to be good, and it still is, jinhua and all.  It has been aged for most of its life in Hong Kong, and retains much of its damper, hotter charms.

1986 Sunsing "Yiwu Chunya": a formidable tea, this lasted three whole days of almost constant brewing.  This is well worth pursuing, if it is still available at Sunsing.

2010 Douji "Demingxuan": when Douji makes cakes that are "not for sale", I take notice - despite their prices, the Douji brand is, at minimum, quite reliable and, at best, really rather potent.  This is a fine cake - if only it were more generally available.

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