18 July, 2011

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

Every now and again, Lei and I are jammy enough to be given the odd sample of really excellent maocha from all-too-generous teachums, and Nada (of Essence of Nadacha fame) has been particularly kind in this regard.

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

This sample is a single-tree example picked by Mr. and Mrs. Essence themselves, where the single tree in question was a charming old example, a photograph of which I have foolishly mislaid.  In fact, in the above photograph, the colourful green-and-red dragons may be seen, which are a pair of colourful shoes that Xiaohu has come to love, also given to us by the same generous couple (I think!).

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

As shown above and below, the maocha has been wrapped in a fold of bamboo.  I always think that Nada's handwriting is suspiciously good for someone who trained in the sciences.

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

The long leaves have been well-handled.  Nada mentioned that it was particularly difficult to shaqing [kill green] in a wok when dealing with small quantities of leaves, and there is a hint of roastedness in their aroma.

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

Perhaps, if you are looking at your monitor in good light, you might be able to see this in the colour of the soup, shown below - it is a little towards beige-brown.  Its aroma is sweet, enduring, and heavily buttery, as we might expect if the influence of the wok is evident.

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

It is comforting on the stomach, in the same manner as shupu or roasted wulong, and yet is combined with a gripping, sweet, fulsome character of raw shengpu.  As with all of Nada's maocha that I have been fortunate enough to drink in previous years, it is particularly clean, pure, and obviously very heavy and full in the mouth.

2011 Single-Tree Nannuo

It pushes its way into all corners of my mouth, without a trace of any negative characteristic.

As the infusions pass, the roasted butteriness becomes less dominant, and the contents of the leaves begin to assert themselves.  It has become ever-sweeter, and has caused me to feel alert and fresh.  

Truly it is said that old-tree leaves are like standard-grade leaves, but just most pure in every dimension.  It is an excellent indication of the very kernel of the Nannuo flavour, nestling alongside that complementary roasted butteriness.  Thanks again to Nada for an instructive and enjoyable session.


Hobbes said...

Most kind - the first image shows some traditional shoes, which were, I think, a gift to our son, Xiaohu, from Mr. and Mrs. Essence.



Anonymous said...

"I always think that Nada's handwriting is suspiciously good for someone who trained in the sciences."

Lefthanded people normally have more pleasing handwriting.