08 April, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Boxes

Happy Easter -
cheeks filled with
hot cross buns


Hobbes said...

No prizes for guessing which little boy this haiku describes. However, I have had my fair share of hot cross buns - it's just that I don't try to eat them all at once.

The English celebrate Easter with a four-day holiday, which has given me the few hours required to catch up with sending samples to you, dear Reader. If you happen to live in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, West Virginia, Ohio, or Prague, and are expecting tea from me, then do please look to your postboxes!

(As always, I beg your forgiveness if I have been slow, which is definitely the case for some of these parcels. I look forward to being able to tell you exactly why this has been a particularly busy time for us.)

So, then, enjoy your Paschal season and, as I believe it is written in the gospel of St. Mark, "Be excellent to each another."

*guitar riff*



Centranthus said...

First, happy Easter! I hope you and your family had a peaceful, fun filled, and relaxing holiday.

Second, since I'm probably the most technologically inept person alive... how do you post stuff just in the tabs along the top of your page? Meaning its content. Only asking because I'm trying to get my page a little more organised instead of having crap all over, plus if someone is looking for something specific, they can go to the correlating tab. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hobbes,

Thank you for your generosity!

The Easter bunny will drop a parcel in Oxford too. I will send you an email .

By the way, happy Easter (better late than never :O)

Take Care, Maxwell.

Hobbes said...

Thank'ee, Maxwell - I look forward to it!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Dear Hobbes,

I have sent you an email, regarding your parcel.

Best regards!