02 May, 2012

On the Stone Chapel Wall

Radiator Wall

blue light, red light
on the stone chapel wall
stained glass revelation


Hobbes said...

I found myself in a Dutch church - a hugely impressive structure in their usual grand, but clean, style. In one small side-chapel, the stone wall provided a cooling atmosphere, away from the heat of the summer day. As I was admiring the stonework, I was surprised as a series of red and blue rays of light suddenly appeared in front of me. They danced on the ancient stonework, as if appeared from nowhere. It seems that the sun had moved out from behind a cloud, and was now streaming in directly through a huge stained-glass window, causing a kaleidoscope of colour in the quiet little chapel. The image depicted in the stained glass was, of course, the Revelation.

A similar, if infinitely more humble, version of the same events took place a few years ago leading me to take the photograph shown, in our own house. The spirit of my encounter in the Dutch chapel reminded me of the same moment, hence the haiga. These little poems can be wonderful little snapshots in time, capturing the feeling of a moment in a way that a camera can never achieve.

Hobbes said...

P.s. Recently disappearing posts have been caused by me accidentally publishing articles immediately, rather than adding them to the queue of articles yet to be published. I am impressed how many readers managed to get through an article that was available for under five minutes! It will be republished at the originally intended date in a short while. Apologies for the confusion. :)