23 May, 2012


Outcrop Teahut

overtaken by a sumo
on taxi dashboard

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Hobbes said...

I seem to have spent a lot of my life on Xisanhuan, the main road that runs from the University quarter of Beijing to Maliandao. This haiku came after one particular trip, after visiting a terrifyingly high-ranking member of an (in)famous Chinese leviathan-corporation. I was in the mood for some unwinding over some random, hopefully good, teas. I wasn't expecting the sumo wrestler. He overtook me, nodding from the dashboard of the car that he decorated with his plastic, grinning presence. The taxi driver didn't seem to pay him much attention.

I liked the combination with the image, which shows the wrapper of a cake from Nadacha. The characters in the image have a tea-road that is a little less busy than Xisanhuan, but the spirit is similar.