08 August, 2012

Bone Dry


bone dry
its first gulp of water
in millenia

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Hobbes said...

I like this one. Xiaohu enjoys going to the natural history museum with me to look at the dinosaurs (DINESHAWS!). I am always amazed by the way in which a truly fresh mind works: Xiaohu reasoned that the dinosaurs must be thirsty, and so tried to share his water with the skull of an iguanodon.

The haiku reminded me of the spirit of an amateur Zen painting that I had "executed" (probably "terminated" would be more appropriate). In a Zen painting, you get just one attempt. Capture the spirit of the moment and begone. It is an attempt of the cluttered adult mind to approach the freshness of the "Beginner's Mind" that led Xiaohu to share his water with that iguanodon.