01 August, 2012


Xiaohu Plantpot

the sky filled with
little boy's cries


shah8 said...

Dragon shedding clouds
Pale blue eye scans tan swimmers
shaded eyes, slick skins

Hobbes said...

I like it! Senryu.

The haiku in the original article is actually a senryu, too. You can imagine the flight on which I wrote this: a Zurich-to-London journey, beset by more than a little turbulence of both the atmospheric and acoustic varieties, outside and inside the aeroplane, respectively. The 'plane left more than just a trail of smoke in its wake: the echoes of the boy's screams reverberated around the clouds. (This wasn't Xiaohu, but someone else's child.)

The image that makes the haiga is one of Xiaohu's photographs. One of the reasons that I love them is because they show me the world from an entirely new perspective: one which is quite close to the floor. He looks up at everything. In this photograph, he seems to have captured the silhouette of one of his mother's pots of growing bulbs, sprouting rapidly much like the little photographer himself.