23 July, 2014

Asian Cyclists

Asian cyclists
caught in a storm of rain
and ponchos

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Hobbes said...

This is a haiku that I wrote a long time ago, and it remains one of my favourites. I love the first line: "Asian cyclists" - the rhythm is accidentally rather good, unseemly though it may seem for me to say so. I love the notion that these "Asian cyclists" have not just the rain to contend with: they also have their own raincoats to battle against. It is, perhaps, more senryu than haiku, but I love it all the same. Which of us has not seen a whirling dervish on wheels, that tornado of flapping plastic peculiar to the "Asian cyclist", and their raincoat of choice: the comedy, oversized rain poncho.

The image that makes the haiga is of my two favourite little (half-)Asian cyclists. They are looking out of the door of our conservatory, perhaps contemplating their own approach to the rainstorm outside.

And yes, they both have comedy rain ponchos.