09 July, 2014

Double Pushchair

double pushchair
four heavy eyelids
two gentle snores

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Hobbes said...

My boys are 3.5 and 1.5 years old, and I like to take them to museums - the "dinosaur" and "statue" museums being their favourites. We stop off at my college and secretly eat chocolate biscuits, beyond the reach of maternal control. It is all very pernicious, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Our walk home takes us through the University Parks, and we planned to see the ducks under Rainbow Bridge. We had brought some bread from college, in fact, to feed the ducks. On arrival, my heavy double-pushchair was quiet. Both boys were leaning the same direction, eyes closed, snores emitting, after a busy day of adventures. I let them sleep. (They were a bit angry at this, later, because they woke up at home and therefore missed the ducks.)

The image is a painting, of a different mode of transport typical in my university - a punt. Picnics mandatory! My boys rather like these, too, although they see the double-pushchair more often...