02 July, 2014

Sitting at Lunch

sitting at lunch
hungrily discussing
closed lunchbox

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Hobbes said...

This is from a business lunch with academic clinical collaborators in Beijing. We were awaiting the arrival of a very senior medic, and his staff had prepared lunch boxes for us. These lunch boxes sat before us - our initial discussion with collaborators took place over these lunch boxes, while we waited for Mr. Senior Medic. Being super-senior, it turns out that he was caught in surgery, and so our supra-lunchbox discussion went on for over one hour - to the sounds of growling stomachs. The food looked and smelled immensely enticing, and became only moreso as our stomachs rebelled against us.

The image is from home - my own cooking, just as unavailable as the Chinese lunch boxes, sat before us, piping hot and therefore inedible. Unattainable cooking, like Tantalus and his low-hanging fruit.