20 June, 2012

The Royal Society

Divinity School

I cannot work
the water tap
the Royal Society


Anonymous said...

I stand, grins
fulsome freize curls above
lifted book

Two can play this game!


Hobbes said...

The Royal Society is our academy of sciences. If you are appointed "FRS" (Fellow of the Royal Society), then it's game over - you can relax, because you've won the game. There is no accolade higher for British scientists. The first presidents include Newton and Hooke.

Naturally, I am not a FRS, being a young whippersnapper. However, I found myself there, attending a meeting to discuss Bayesian inference in the physical sciences. Great minds spoke, I listened. Maybe a question or two.

Then, I tried to use the facilities. You know something's wrong when you cannot even successfully operate the taps in the gents.

I could hear Newton chuckling.



Hobbes said...

A most excellent haiku response!