27 June, 2012



under the willow
and pigeons


charlotte billabongk said...

At first, I thought the little green thing on the page was a sort of leaf. But now, I'm not quite sure to figure out what it exactly is (a kind of bug?) I maybe need to change my glasses!
Anyway, I really like this charming and poetic picture.
Thank you.

Hobbes said...

Dear Charlotte,

I didn't expect the haiku itself to make it into the image of the haiga, but there's a first time for everything. The little green chap brought it to life, and so it had to stay.

We've recently been moving our teasessions out under the willow tree, and therefore under the very large number of pigeons that come and go from the upper branches of the old tree, far above. Tea works very well outside, and it gives me a chance to drink tieguanyin and other genres that I wouldn't necessarily drink when indoors...



Hobbes said...

P.s. You can click the image in the original post to view the full-size photo! The bug has a lot of detail, if you zoom in. :)

charlotte billabongk said...

Yes, outdoor tea sessions are great. I also appreciate them very much. And sometimes, we have the pleasure to share moments with unexpected guests, like bugs. Maybe tea drinking bugs? Anyway, this little green one was at the right place, on the right time.