11 July, 2012

The Faint Red Line

Gaussian Process

a life depends
on the faint red line
pregnancy test


Hobbes said...

Pregnancy tests. So much depends on the presence or absence of a little purple line. Popular culture would have us believe that they used only by teenagers, who are relieved if the test is negative, or terrified if the test is positive. They don't tell you that the tests are used for the opposite reason. We hoped, and rejoiced, when we saw the little purple line. Just a small line, yet an indicator that a whole new personality is on the way, with his own opinions, his own future, his own family. All in a little purple line.



tT said...

Congratulations. I can't imagine the feeling you both feel.

Perhaps someday I'll know (we'll see though) :)

learning to pull radishes said...

Congratulations! Happy news :)

Emmett said...

My wife and I used one of those package of two tests. Just to be sure we used both. I think it was two line positive one negative. We first where like is it really two lines, am I seeing double? no we both saw the two lines. Little did we know how positively life changing having a son would be, he is the greatest joy of our life. I just hope when he is older he isn't as wild as I was!

Centranthus said...

If you're alluding to what I think you are: congrats!!

Anonymous said...


I imagine the newcomer playing in the tea table like Xiaohu ,a few posts ago, in a couple of years!!!

Take care, Maxwell.

Hobbes said...

Thanks muchly, everyone - fun times ahead. :)



Nicolaus Mote said...

Your poem reminds me of William Carlos William's "Red Wheelbarrow". Intentional?

Hobbes said...

Dear Nicolaus,

Thanks for the congratulations!

Thanks also for pointing me towards "The Red Wheelbarrow", which I have not read before, but was delighted to discover with a little Googling. Its spirit is very much like a haiku. I appreciate the overlap in the first lines between my humble haiku and the 1928 poem; I'm very glad that you mentioned it, and have been thinking about it while pushing my own barrow around the lawn. :)



hster said...


Congratulations! Will you be buying commemorative birth year or conception year beengs to celebrate?

I bought several beengs back in 2005 to celebrate the birth of my niece. The only "Year of the Rooster" themed wrappers available were 6FTM which unfortunately were not the best tea of the year- shockingly unpalatably smoky.

Scott put the dragon on his 2012 labels and he definitely has some winsome cakes this year. Or you could hire someone to press a small batch. (I've been contemplating something similar for a wedding anniversary although it seems somehow too self-serving...)


Hobbes said...

Dear Hster,

Buying a tong for our expected baby is a good idea! I haven't found a good 2012 that I like, yet, and which is priced appropriately. There are some nice-seeming samples lined up for me to try, however, and I hope that one of them will suggest itself to me as being a tong for our new one. :)