15 July, 2013

Friends Reunited

Some initial book-keeping for those involved in the Yunnan Sourcing tea-tasting:

Hopefully, your various samples have arrived!  They have been labeled with (upper-case) Greek letters.  For next Friday (i.e., 26 July), I'd like to discuss "theta" (circle-with-horizontal-line-through), "iota" ("I"), "kappa" ("K"), and "lambda" (an upside-down "V"). 

Hopefully, you'll be able to join us in the "comments" section to discuss your findings.  If you cannot find the time to get those samples tried for Friday: fear not.  Just enjoy them in your own time.  Perhaps the Friday afterwards (i.e., 2 August), we will discuss the four remaining samples: mu ("M"), nu ("N") and then the two that Scott kindly added: beta ("B") and sigma (rotated "W").  In August, we'll move onto the China Chadao tasting event.

I have a personal favourite from Scott's anonymous samples already - it will be great to find out which teas these are...

2006 Liming Tuowang

Long have I been affectionate of the 2006 Liming "Tuowang", which I failed to buy back when it was produced.  Now reunited, due to a very decent price at Royal Puer, I invited you to join us at the original page for this tuocha and track its considerable development.

2006 Liming Tuowang


speakfreely said...

I have a personal favorite from Scott's teas as well, and I am guessing (hoping) it's the one of which I've already bought two beengs!

Hobbes said...

Dear CB,

I certainly hope that your cakes, if they appear in the line-up of anonymised samples from Scott, are just as good to you this second time around. :)



taooftea said...

Hi Hobbes, i've been enjoying your posts for a while now. Thought I would take the time to show my appreciation. I've just ordered the 2006 Liming "Tuowang", very much looking forward to trying it.



Hobbes said...

Dear Steve,

That's very kind of you to say - I hope that the Liming tuocha is to your liking! I feel rather responsible for it, now. :)



Unknown said...

It is! And more samples are in the mail as we speak. How you find time to drink that much tea with two children I don't understand - I'm lucky if I get through a decent session with my daughter demanding attention. I do find time during late evenings when I read, but I do miss those early morning tea sessions.

Did you try the autumn version of Peter's BaDa?


Hobbes said...

Dear Terje,

I am a professional multitasker, by training. :)

That said, I am also something of a part-time insomniac, and often take the opportunity to have a tea session with the dawn, before my sons wake and call for their father!

I've not yet tried the autumnal Badashan cake, as far as I remember - what did you make of it? Badashan always tastes like springtime, to me, with all that wild grassiness! The autumn version must be most interesting.