17 July, 2013

Mars is Hot

Louvre 2013

Mars is hot
so we will have to wear
our sunhats

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Hobbes said...

Sometimes, the haiku are waiting for you - we just have to be ready for them.

I ran a summer school here last year, where the goal was to consider the engineering aspects of a manned mission to Mars. The students, all visiting us for the summer from abroad, were a creative bunch. None, however, managed to propose the idyllic solution to Martian climate-related problems as proposed by Xiaohu, back at home, when we were playing at being Martian explorers. Sometimes you need the clarity of a two-year-old to make the best suggestions. This haiku is charming to me, as it represents by dear eldest son's view of the world. What a civilised view it is, too, in which astronauts need sunhats.

The image that makes this haiga is a tease, featuring the Magdalene Fjord, painted by F-A Biard. It is obviously rather chilly, but reminded me of Xiaohu's wisdom. I took this photo in a recent visit to one of my favourite locations in the world: the Louvre. Good times, had in between a conference on machine learning.