24 July, 2013

Two White Foals

two white foals
up to their withers
in buttercups

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Hobbes said...

I maintain that the true benefit of travel is to bring us to appreciate that which is immediately in front of us, every day.

Such is the case with a return from Beijing earlier this summer. The road through the university parks is a path that I have travelled many times each week; at one point, it was twice-daily, as I went to and from Xiaohu's first nursery. After a while, you stop seeing that which is all around.

The return from dusty, polluted Beijing made the vivid countryside between our house and the university more obvious than ever: there, in a bright yellow field, stood two foals, dazzling white. On closer inspection, the yellow mass in which they stood, up to their withers, turned out to be a sumptuous field of buttercups unlike any I had ever seen before.

Sometimes, it pays to open one's eyes.