30 October, 2013

Green-and-Yellow Squares

green-and-yellow squares
each carefully tended
by tiny farmers


apache said...

Shouldn't it be "Green and Pleasant Land"?

Hobbes said...

I left that association to the imagination of the reader, as their familiarity with Blake may vary. Certainly, it is not the done thing to quote other haiku in one's own work, but allusion is commonly seen.

The haiga was written as I landed from a trip to Beijing. After the grey and brown of China, the lush green of England always takes me by surprise. When I landed, it was springtime, and so the rapeseed fields were shining bright, dazzling yellow, welcoming me home. The tiny farmers felt very familiar to me - I grew up in such countryside and still feel like a visitor when I am in cities... even my small university town.

The image reminds me of that return - I took it during my ride on the airport bus back to Oxford.

There really is no place like home.