23 October, 2013

Warrior's Blood

warrior's blood
courses through my veins
shorts in autumn


Hobbes said...

Anglo-Saxon warriors bred together through the centuries to bring into the world... me. An ancient race of hardened Northmen. Crossing frozen seas, taming the wilds, conquering the native inhabitants of these little islands. Vital, potent, unflinching strength.

That's right, I am such a warrior that I wear shorts in autumn.

My ancestors are proud, I can feel it.



Leaf said...

Oh! My father did the same (and in winter too!). He was half-Australian, half-Irish, so I guess his warrior blood and yours come from the same place!

Mighty Tea Monster said...

Real men wear kilts in the autumn!! lol

Hobbes said...

I feel that the collected ranks of hardened warriors would look on my short-wearing antics and academic life as a sign of great weakness. :)