07 October, 2013

Sufficiently Bitter to Start a Car

I've been delving into my back-catalogue.

The 2007 "Menghai" from "12 Gentlemen" was infamous for both being rather costly, and exceptionally tight in its compression.  While the compression has not slowed its aging, it has caused a dramatic side-effect, at which the title of this article hints.  "Ick", has my journal.  This cake needs plenty more time on the shelf before it becomes drinkably.  I invite you to follow the link for my updated notes on this agonising, yet high-quality, cake.

The 2004 Shuangjiang Mengku "Bainian", on the other hand, is entirely drinkable and has aged magnificently.  It is woody, pine-like, and retains some of the zest of the youth from which it has clearly aged.  As far as "mainstream" tea goes, this straightforward cake is something of a gem.  Good ol' Shuangjiang Mengku, during this era, were famous for solid, inexpensive little numbers such as this.  Again, I invite you, Gentle Reader, to follow the link above should you wish to read the updated notes in full.

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Hobbes said...

In response to e-mails, the Taobao vendor for the Shuangjiang Mengku cake was: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=13276824170