05 March, 2014

Godzilla Rising

Godzilla rising -
my little dragon stands
for the first time


Hobbes said...

Fifty storeys high /
Reaching for the sky...

My little dragon (Xiaolong) is not so little any more. As I was sitting in front of him with a bowl of rice, he slowly... slowly... rose to his feet from a squatting position. His eyes were fixated on my spoon. His ascent reminded me of stocky Godzilla, riding from the waves. He stood before me, nibbling rice from my spoon, for perhaps thirty seconds, and then surprised me again by slowly... slowly... returning to the floor.

Such was Xiaolong's first standing!

He crawled away on all fours, looking for his elder brother...



wert said...


Hobbes said...



Leaf said...

Awww! That is the cutest thing I've read in a while. Good job to Xiaolong! And congrats to his proud father. ^^