23 May, 2007

Send Ye Not for Whom the Bell Tolls

Good grief, British academics drink hard. My usual relief at returning home is this time further compounded by my tiredness after several nights of punishment at the hands of some rather heavy-drinking senior professors.

I should add that there's nothing big or impressive about drinking alcohol, but it's just the unspoken law in academia - particularly if the conference is held in an out-of-the-way location. It's also the "great equaliser" - junior whelps like myself suddenly find themselves swapping (dodgy) stories with senior profs, both of whom no doubt rather wish they hadn't in the cold light of day. It's a great way to make good friends, but it does make you appreciate a good night's sleep at home afterwards.

You'll excuse me if there's no tea review today - I slumped behind the tea-table and grabbed something familiar and enjoyable (Tieluohan from Houde), thoughts of tasting notes far from my mind. This dark, embracing tea is very welcome as the late-evening skies gradually dim.

In coming days, stay tuned for further TeaCuppa reviews, more from Houde, and a very special guest tasting of samples from MarshalN (thanks!).




MarshalN said...

Special guest?

You're inviting the Queen?

Hobbes said...

The tea is the special guest!

They were looking rather inviting this morning, as I bade them farewell on the way out...



iconoclast said...

Sent the teacuppa review to your google mail address.

As far as "great equaliser" is concerned, I thinking Henry VIII said the same thing about wrestling...

A few pots of shu and a dram of bitters should put you right as rain.


Hobbes said...

Great stuff, thanks for sending them, Ian - you've got a good way of writing your notes.

I'm still in convalescence!



Anonymous said...

Oh, those notes are nothing to write home about (...)

i try to minimize the more technical aspects, and grasp the more qualitative. I was not particualrly struck by any of these however, and did not have much to say about any of them.