04 July, 2012



highly active singleton
waving at me



Anonymous said...

One of your better photos with people in it.

Just what *does* he think he's doing, anyways? And will there be future photos of him playing house and having tea with the plush Mr. Toad and his guests? Be careful if you do, some people are sensitive to blood sugar and all that...


Hobbes said...

This is a fun one. The sonographer recently confirmed that our baby that Lei is expecting will be a second boy, due in November. This haiga is the diagnosis from our ultrasound scan, in which we was classified as "highly active". Lei agreed, because the new baby is constantly moving around.

I feel rather sorry for my bijou Chinese wife carrying this series of large Anglo-Saxons around in her abdomen, particularly when they start kicking.

The haiga is, of course, a combination with images of the baby's big brother, Xiaohu, who has started joining me for tea. Like his father, he's rather clumsy. Cups fly everywhere. "Highly active", just like his little brother...



Emmett said...

Hobbes, My 5 year old son also joins me for tea almost everyday. Just today I was a class and he told my wife Mom its time for dads tea!!!! He loves the good stuff too, if I try a new tea thats not too good he will not drink it. He even has his favorite cup.

David said...

Congrats and good luck then !

Hobbes said...

Dear Emmett,

It's good to get them hooked when young. :)

Thanks, David!



Doug said...


My three year old enjoys tea although I don't think she's had anything too crazy. Usually I have tea right after putting her down for her nap so she's only had it a few times.